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Glory Desktop Currency Sorter USF-100

Glory - Desktop Currency Sorter USF-100

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Manufacturer: Glory

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Description & Features

Introducing The New USF-100 Currency Sorter
With Fitness Detection For More Thorough, Dynamic Counting

Glory’s multifunctional USF-100 Currency Sorter provides much more than simple currency counting in a convenient desktop unit. With two ample stackers and a separate reject pocket for unwanted notes, this heavy-duty solution to efficient and reliable note processing will deliver years of continuous productivity. Five stacker patterns can be configured to perform any number of different processing modes*. Features include sensors for FIT/UNFIT detection as well as technologically advanced counterfeit detection. The new USF-100 delivers a processing speed of up to 650 notes per minute.


Hopper-Assisted Feeding
The USF-100 includes a new hopper and an assisted feeding mechanism that improves processing by reducing rejects and jams.

Processing Capacity
The large hopper, located conveniently above the reject pocket, holds up to 500 notes and feeds into two stackers. Each stacker can hold up to 200 notes. Processing small batches quickly is continuous and backed by Glory’s reputation for reliability.

Glory brought together practical functions such as fitness sorting and denomination sorting to allow currency processing with fewer steps and in a shorter period of time. Since stacker settings can easily be changed, the USF-100 adapts easily to diverse sorting patterns.

Workplace Efficiency
The large display provides detailed, on-screen information about the count as it is being processed. Designed from the user’s perspective, jammed notes can be removed simply, and the internal mechanism can be easily cleaned.


Counting speed: 650 notes/min.
Hopper capacity: Approx. 500 notes
Stacker capacity: 200 notes x 2
Reject capacity: Approx. 100 notes
Fitness sensor: USF-100 Yes, USF-V10 No
Power Supply: AC 115V, ±10%, 60Hz
Dimensions: 19.7"(W) x 16.9"(D) x 17.7"(H)
Weight: 111 lbs.

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